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You are passionate about growing a healthy community and about the power of The Graph.

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You are passionate about growing a healthy community and about the power of The Graph. You believe in Web3 and are familiar with The Graph Network and subgraphs. The community is your family and you are ready to help them, orient them and grow their engagement. You care about all stakeholders and try to ensure they have the best experience.


  • Manage community social channels including Discord, Reddit and Telegram.
  • Grow a healthy community and foster contributors to the ecosystem.
  • Analyze community behavior to optimize engagement.
  • Support and coordinate with events, media and marketing activities (meetups, workshops, speaker, conference, hackathons).
  • Manage delivering local language content (translation and proofreading) and public-facing materials (presentations, posts, infographics and other marketing material); Synchronize news/updates/announcements to all Graph's regional channels.
  • Collect and summarize feedback from all channels, suggest improvements to increase people's understanding and engagement.

Desired skills

  • Proven crypto community management experience
  • Experience in communications including Discord, Telegram, Blog
  • Excellent writing skills and communicator
  • Detail oriented, organized and resourceful
  • Knowledgeable about The Graph

About The Team

The Community team is the backbone of support for The Graph users and subgraph developers. We help users learn about The Graph, share resources and identify how they can best contribute to the ecosystem.

You will be working closely with the Edge & Node Business team and The Graph Foundation to grow a fruitful community and provide users with the best experience. We work remotely with current team members located in the US, Argentina, Venezuela, China and India; and meet in person several times a year (unless there's a pandemic).

About this role

October 29th, 2021

January 28th, 2021

Full Time

-11.00 -11.00
-10.00 -10.00
-9.50 -9.50
-9.00 -9.00
-8.00 -8.00
-7.00 -7.00
-6.00 -6.00
-5.00 -5.00
-4.00 -4.00
-3.50 -3.50
-3.00 -3.00
-2.00 -2.00
-1.00 -1.00
0.00 0.00
1.00 1.00
2.00 2.00
3.00 3.00
3.50 3.50
4.00 4.00
4.50 4.50
5.00 5.00
5.50 5.50
5.75 5.75
6.00 6.00
6.50 6.50
7.00 7.00
8.00 8.00
8.75 8.75
9.00 9.00
9.50 9.50
10.00 10.00
10.50 10.50
11.00 11.00
12.00 12.00
12.75 12.75
13.00 13.00
14.00 14.00

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About The Graph

Learn about The Graph and their company culture.

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The Graph is building a protocol for building decentralized applications quickly on Ethereum and IPFS using GraphQL. 

On The Graph, queries are processed on a decentralized network that ensures that data remains open and that dApps can continue to run no matter what. Users don’t have to trust teams to operate servers and developers can deploy to trustworthy public infrastructure they don’t have to manage.

Say goodbye to custom servers

Before The Graph, teams had to develop and operate proprietary indexing servers. This required significant engineering and hardware resources and broke the important security properties required for decentralization.

Where we're going

The crypto economy is a radical new imagining of the future of work. Open protocols will create transparency and opportunity, enabling anyone in the world to contribute their talents to a global economy. We want to support this vision and help developers build the new coordination mechanisms of the internet age.

Tech stack

Learn about the technology and tools that The Graph uses.

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