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Senior Mobile Engineer

At Portal, we're building Shopify for Service Businesses.



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150k-200k USD

At Portal, we're building Shopify for Service Businesses. Our goal is to make it easy for entrepreneurs anywhere to start and scale service businesses: marketing agencies, bookkeeping firms, recruiting agencies, and thousands of others.

While it is straightforward to set up a Shopify store and sell a physical product on the Internet, entrepreneurs that want to provide a service on the Internet have to stitch together apps and are unable to offer clients a streamlined experience under their own brand. We want to change this by giving service businesses the building blocks (messaging, payments, etc.) to design their own product and offer their clients a modern streamlined experience.

In February 2022, we raised a $10M seed round led by Ali Rowghani at YC Continuity and Lachy Groom. Other investors include Y Combinator, Liquid 2, Tribe, Addition, Slope, YC partner and Scribd founder Jared Friedman, former SVP Product at Lyft Ran Makavy, and Pipe founders Zain Allarakhia and Josh Mangel.

About the role

As an early engineer at Portal you will work closely with the CTO, be a critical part of our core team, and have a huge influence over the direction of the company. You will get full autonomy to architect and build the Portal mobile app which includes the framework and all functionality supported in the web. We will compensate you well, invest deeply in your development, and do everything we can to make sure this is the single best work experience of your life.

Who you are

  • You have good values. You have high integrity. You understand why diversity matters and make others feel like they belong. You're low ego and make the workplace more fun for everyone.

  • You're entrepreneurial. You are comfortable with ambiguity and thrive in fast-pasted environments. You've likely worked at startups before or might want to start one in the future.

  • You're hardworking. You understand that building a category-defining company requires people that work smart and that also work hard.

  • You're experienced. You have 4+ years experience working on production software.

  • You know what matters. We believe your education is irrelevant; we only care that you can build great products. Likewise, in your work you're not religious about any one technology and care more about making progress.

  • You're a systems thinker. You don't identify as a particular (frontend/backend/etc.) engineer but are more interested in solving problems holistically.

  • You're resourceful. You are a fast learner and have a “get things done” mentality. If you don't understand something you quickly determine what to do to push forward.

  • You put users first. You think critically about the implications of what you're building. You're constantly putting yourself in shoes of the users and push back when necessary.

What you'll do

  • You'll ship. You'll be working on the core product to engineer solutions across multiple modules including payments, messaging, and file-sharing. Whether it's fixing a bug or architecting a new feature, you'll move fast.

  • You'll be an owner. You'll be the leader of multiple projects and be responsible for their success. This involves closely collaborating with the founders and other engineers, creating engineering tasks, writing documentation, and setting up new services and scalable infrastructure.

  • You'll balance the short and long term. While knowing the importance of shipping quickly you also know how to craft thoughtful long-term technical strategy. You know when to address tech debt and when to improve infrastructure and processes (testing, code reviews, CI/CD).

  • You'll help build the team. The first 10 members of a startup dictate the next 100. You'll help interview and recruit more talented engineers.

  • You'll learn about startups. Aside from your core work, you'll have the opportunity to get involved in other areas - marketing, growth, ops, etc.


  • Frontend: React + Redux and Typescript.

  • Backend: Golang and DynamoDB.

  • AWS Serverless architecture with Lambda, API Gateway, and Cognito.

  • Custom design system based on MaterialUI.

  • Bespoke websocket service to connect frontend and backend in real-time.

  • Tools: GitHub, Linear, Slack, Notion, Figma, Retool.

About this role

July 10th, 2022

May 11th, 2022

Full Time

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150k-200k USD

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About Portal

Learn about Portal and their company culture.

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Run a modern services business and give your clients a one-stop shop experience with a branded client portal that streamlines messaging, payments, file-sharing, help centers, dashboard access and more.

Portal's mission it to empower entrepreneurs anywhere to launch and operate modern services businesses.

Portal is a technology company that builds infrastructure for the services economy. Businesses of every size — from small agencies to large law firms — use Portal building blocks to productize their business and provide clients a streamlined experience.

In February 2022, we raised a $10M seed round led by Ali Rowghani at YC Continuity and Lachy Groom. Other investors include Y Combinator, Liquid 2, Tribe, Addition, Slope, YC partner and Scribd founder Jared Friedman, former SVP Product at Lyft Ran Makavy, and Pipe founders Zain Allarakhia and Josh Mangel.

Our Priorities

Be the most trusted

We filter all decisions through the question: "Will this make Portal the most trusted name in our space?" Trust is the sum of every customer interaction. It requires world-class security, compliance, technology, design, and support.

Be the easiest to use

We believe that service companies succeed when they can offer clients the best customer experience. We excel at making delightful products that our customers are excited about adopting.

Be in the background

We believe that owning your brand is critical in the internet economy. We create products that our customers can mold and customize, so that the experience for their clients is streamlined under a single brand.

Be modular and extendable

We are creating modular building blocks. Every company is different and every industry is different, and our goal is to make it easy to turn on just the functionalty you need.

Creating the virtual office

Modern service businesses understand the value of having a marketing website. Your marketing website is the digital equivalent of a storefront and tells the world about what you have to offer.

But what is the digital equivalent of an office? We believe that with Portal, we are creating just that. A portal is a place that reflects your brand, that is only accessible by clients, and that provides a secure place for you and you client to interface online.

The potential of the online services economy

Services businesses are the hidden forces behind the world's successful businesses. From small agencies to large consulting firms, these businesses indirectly drive our economy.

But today, it is still difficult to start an online services business. The tools that are available are complicated, don't work well together, and detract, rather than amplify, your brand.

The new business stack

Portal provides service businesses with modules and infrastructure.


Sitting atop our foundation are modules that businesses can use to interface with clients.


At the core of every portal are systems for authentication, user management, and permissions.


Our infrastructure provides reliability, scalability, and security.

What is the interview process like?

  1. Screen

    1. We'll start with a quick 30min chat to see if there is a good fit.

  2. Interviews

    1. 45-minute interviews with our two cofounders.

  3. Contract project or onsite

    1. Our preferred situation for the final step is to work together for a few days. This work would be compensated.

    2. If this is not an option, we can do an in-person or remote onsite where you’ll work through a project that you present to the team.

  4. Offer

    1. You’ll receive 3 offers with different salary/stock splits.

    2. We want to give you as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Marlon will walk you through our most recent investor deck, share our financial position and projections, and go through our product roadmap. We’ll also invite you to our customer community on Slack.

  5. Reference checks

    1. We use a tool called Searchlight to do a reference check on you.

    2. We’ll give you a list of investors/advisors, you can select who you’d like to meet, and we’ll make those introductions so that you can reference check us.

Tech stack

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Benefits and perks

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Home office budget

We want you to be as productive as you can, so Portal will equip you with the latest and greatest in hardware. This includes a high-resolution display, laptop, keyboard, and mouse. If you need something else to be successful in your role, just ask!

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Flexible working hours

By being remote-first we’re able to hire the best people on the planet, regardless of location. The only requirement is that you’re available during core hours of 10AM to 2PM EST.

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Paid parental leave

Parents can take 6 weeks of paid and 6 weeks of unpaid parental leave within the first year after becoming a parent.

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Company retreats

We have bi-annual retreats in cities around the world.

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