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Myagi is a Channel Sales Enablement platform that lets you deliver the right knowledge to the right people at the right time across multiple employees, teams, regions, and even other companies.

About Myagi

Myagi is a Channel Sales Enablement platform that lets you deliver the right knowledge to the right people at the right time across multiple employees, teams, regions, and even other companies.

Through Myagi, both suppliers and their reseller partners can optimize sell-through by improving what we call the Knowledge Supply Chain—the path information takes to get from its start to end, across multiple companies and teams and people.

If you’ve ever had issues with important knowledge not getting to the right place, not getting there in time, not being understood, or easily being forgotten, you probably have a broken Knowledge Supply Chain.

About us

Myagi is the world's most efficient Channel Sales Enablement Tool, but we didn't start this way.

In 2014, Simon Turner spent one too many times training a blank-staring audience, at retail stores that had several other trainers to hear from that day, and with half the staff than was promised. It’s easy to say it’s the sales associates’ fault for not paying attention… but he looked harder at the situation and realized the whole system of delivering crucial sales information was broken.

This began his quest for finding a way to manage what we now call the “Knowledge Supply Chain”, or the method which knowledge gets from one place to another. Because of the way Channel Sales works, important info that’s supposed to make it from the supplier to their partners’ frontline sales teams never arrives, comes too late, is misunderstood, or is lost over a short time. Myagi fixes all that by digitizing the knowledge transfer process entirely from start to finish, no matter what company or person it comes from, which creates stronger sales and better relationships with their channel partners.

  • What We Value: Our company values are the filters we use to make decisions and determine how we want to work together—with each other and with our customers. Here are the four values we’ve set as our guiding light:

  • One Team Wins: We believe teamwork is a craft and we strive to master it. We win as a team of teams. We win and we celebrate together. We lose and we learn together. Like we tell our customers, we work better together too.

  • Be Respectfully Noisy: Squeaky wheels get the grease, but it’s hard to be a squeaky wheel sometimes. We encourage everyone at Myagi to feel comfortable speaking up in a way that is considerate to both our teammates and our customers.

  • Everyone a Coach, everyone a player: Myagi has a coaching culture. It’s everyone’s job to help each other improve through deliberate feedback. Everyone has the responsibility to practice what they learn from their coaches at work. We invest in continually improving as a team.

  • Give a sh*t: Give a sh*t is means to take the initiative, solve problems that need solving, build a great company, and work with care and passion. Care for the company, each other, yourself, and our customers.

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Retirement benefits

401(k) and regional retirement plans to help you invest in your future.

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Equity benefits

Every employee gets equity, so you are rewarded for your best work.


Healthcare benefits

Medical, dental, and vision insurance for US employees.


Wellness benefits

Fitness/mindfulness app subscription

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Myagi is hiring Software Engineer - Golang and Software Engineer - Python.

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