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    Tech stack

    The only app every contractor needs. Document your jobs. Communicate with your crews. Cover your company’s butt. CompanyCam exists purely to make fun of our CEO, Luke Hansen. We tell investors, though, that we exist to help contractors build trust with their crews and customers (which is also true, so it doesn’t count as lying). In 2014, Luke was working for his family’s roofing business and found himself spending too much time trying to get his crews to document job sites.

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    Tech stack

    Instant Contractor Payments. Pay, manage and support your independent workforce with Gig Wage. Businesses are still bogged down by antiquated systems and processes designed for W2 employees. We are changing that. Pay your independent contractors in seconds. Pay, manage and support your contractors in a modern way that utilizes API technology. Fast. Easy. Simple. We are driven by the simple idea that anyone who puts in an honest day's work deserves a chance to move ahead in life.

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