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    The only app every contractor needs.Document your jobs. Communicate with your crews. Cover your company’s butt.CompanyCam exists purely to make fun of our CEO, Luke Hansen. We tell investors, though, that we exist to help contractors build trust with their crews and customers (which is also true, so it doesn’t count as lying).In 2014, Luke was working for his family’s roofing business and found himself spending too much time trying to get his crews to document job sites.

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    Fast, private sharing for everyone.Shareup is the easiest, fastest way to securely share anything with anyone. We help teams collect, organize, and make sense of the myriad of files, links, and services they use to get their work done everyday. Sharing is currently too difficult and stressful! We are obsessed with relieving that stress and anxiety.We are a design-led company. We define design as “how it works.” This includes everyone having an overview of the tech fundamentals, understanding the full experience flow for the customer, and contributing to the beautiful details of everything we make—from UIs to code to icons to all the assets and interfaces our customers see and touch.We are, at our core, a group of people passionate about building great products for our customers.

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