HomeBuddy is an online home improvement platform connecting homeowners with local, verified contractors which welcomes 4,000,000+ visitors a month, growing month over month!

About HomeBuddy

HomeBuddy is an online home improvement platform connecting homeowners with local, verified contractors which welcomes 4,000,000+ visitors a month, growing month over month!

Homeowners choose HomeBuddy for home improvement projects

When homeowners use HomeBuddy and request a home improvement service, they are matched directly with local contractors. Our goal is to make it simple for homeowners and contractors to connect.

Contractors partner with HomeBuddy to grow their business

HomeBuddy provides exclusive and sustainable customer generation for medium to large size companies including Fortune 5000s in the home improvement industry. With thousands of leads generated every day, HomeBuddy can send a consistent volume of new customers to partners. All HomeBuddy leads and appointments are 100% exclusive to a single contractor, there are no old or shared leads.

With global staff and headquarters in Switzerland, HomeBuddy has a strong and successful track record of driving customer acquisition throughout the United States. We’ve experienced double-digit growth year-after-year as more partners take advantage of our home improvement industry expertise as well as effective and reliable services.

HomeBuddy was previously known as Siren Group AG [rebranded in June 2023].

Our Values

  • Deliver An Outstanding Result: Work with the best in the industry. We’re hungry to make a difference for our clients and grow fast!

  • Challenge The Status Quo & Drive Innovation: Share your wildest ideas fearlessly - it’s our goal to disrupt the advertising industry and map new ways to succeed.

  • Collaborate With Openness & Respect: Drive outstanding business results at HomeBuddy through open collaboration and a respect for every individual’s efforts and ideas.

  • Operate With Honesty & Transparency: Dedicated to transparency and honesty in decision-making at every level of the company - from teams right through to HomeBuddy’s leadership.

  • Be Flexible: HomeBuddy is an exponentially growing company. Fast growth needs flexibility from the team to tackle the challenges we face daily.

Our Culture

At HomeBuddy, we’ve worked hard to develop a very welcoming and friendly environment where everyone is valued for both their uniqueness and professional abilities. A good company culture starts with us; we share a positive attitude toward peers, clients and vendors.

  • The HomeBuddy Experience: HomeBuddy is a family, a team where people belong and feel safe and secure.

  • Workplace Flexibility: Time flexibility and independence help us create an ideal work-life balance.

  • A Foundation Of Support: We celebrate our accomplishments and use our mistakes to improve.

  • Fast-Paced & Rewarding: With a results-oriented culture, our people seize the initiative and enjoy great rewards for their efforts.

  • A Place To Grow: Provided with all the necessary tools and resources, we learn and grow as professionals.

  • Fostering Independence: Trusting in the professionalism of our people, we don’t micromanage but rather focus on areas that deliver results.

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