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Komodo is an open, multi-chain blockchain platform and a global top-60 project by market cap value.

With blockchain development roots going back to 2014, Komodo is consistently recognized as one of the projects innovating at the cutting edge of the blockchain space. Komodo’s development is always focused on providing superior security, limitless scalability, seamless interoperability, and total adaptability.

Now, after years of development and hard work, Komodo’s framework offers every project an independent, customizable, purpose-built blockchain; a library of powerful, built-in modules to provide additional functionality and boost performance; and an integration layer with an open API to build blockchain-based games, contracts, and apps that run natively on one’s own blockchain. Komodo also offers a series of white label products to accelerate a go-to-market.

Unlike most blockchain platforms, projects that build with Komodo’s technology are never forced to rely on the KMD blockchain or network. Transaction fees are always paid in the coin native to each individual blockchain. There is no need to use the KMD coin and there is no vendor lock in. Komodo’s ecosystem provides a business-friendly environment for any developer, entrepreneur, or enterprise leader to create tailor-made solutions and prosper with blockchain technology.

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