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Knotch is the independent standard for content marketing ROI. We help CMOs & their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts via real-time, actionable intelligence across all of their content investment. Our end to end content intelligence platforms help marketers plan, measure, optimize and benchmark their content efforts across all owned and paid strategies. We work exclusively with brands and we do not monetize from any distribution channels to make sure that our business model isn’t invested in the success of what we are measuring. We’re based in SoHo, NYC and work with Capital One, Citi, Sprint, JPMC, Colgate, TD Ameritrade, Discover, Kia, Ford, AT&T, Ally Bank, Salesforce etc.

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Our ambition for Knotch is to build a completely flexible culture that accepts and values people’s differences. We get to show up every day and feel that we belong. We’re fueled by curiosity, and we aren’t afraid to fail. At Knotch, we’re inclusive, transparent, and relentless.

The Band of Misfits


Our Co-Founder and CEO, Anda Gansca, often refers to Knotch as a “band of misfits.” Throughout history, it’s misfits that have ignited change, turned conversation into action, and challenged what it means to “fit in.” 

Whether it was Elizabeth Cady Staton leading the Suffrage Movement; Oliver Brown fighting the US government to allow his daughter, Linda Carol Brown, to go to an integrated school; or Sylvia Rivera & Marsha P. Johnson protesting police brutality against the LGBTQ+ community by throwing the first bricks at Stonewall — those bold enough to challenge systemic norms are the ones that create a better, more inclusive future for all of us. At Knotch, we aim to celebrate diverse voices and foster belonging and inclusion across all teams.

We acknowledge we have more work to do. The tech industry must change, and we believe it can and should start with us. We are committed to:

  1. Hiring more Black talent

  2. Fostering belonging amongst our represented communities through ERGs

  3. Frequently educating and training our staff on topics such as anti-racism

Like the misfits before us, we are committed to turning conversation into action and redefining what it means to “fit in.”



  • Work from wherever

  • Take time off when you need it

  • Give feedback; expect feedback

  • Talk openly about mental health + more

  • Ask leadership anything

  • Hang out (IRL or virtually) with people you are excited to work with everyday

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