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About us

Heetch is a ridesharing app and a tech Start-up (B2C marketplace platform) based in Paris. 

Founded in 2013, we have become one of the 3 key players in urban mobility in France.

Our mission? Put conviviality and proximity at the heart of our product. At Heetch we build a friendly app to make mobility more accessible and turn tech into human solution. 

A few fundraisers later*, we are more than +270 people around the world 🌍, present in Paris, but also in Lyon, and big cities in France. We also started our development beyond our borders with Belgium and sub-Saharan Africa!  

*We are backed by €54 million raised from renowned investors and is part of the #FrenchTech120🦄  

As we are growing really fast 🚀, we have a lot of open job opportunities.
So if you are looking for a company with a strong culture and amazing values, have a look at our website and check the link below! ⬇️ 

We hire amazing people: engineers, sales, product, customer service, design, marketing... contact us!

We'll keep you updated when the best new remote jobs pop up.


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