About Giveth

Building a culture of giving that rewards & empowers those who give to projects, to society & to the world!

Giveth is re-engineering charitable giving by creating an entirely free, open-source platform, built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our system cuts out bureaucracy and enables nonprofits to create a high level of transparency and accountability towards Givers.

Building the Future of Giving

Giveth is a community focused on Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology. Our vision is to make giving effortless, to reward people all over the world for creating positive change.

About us

Giveth is a community focused on Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology. Our intention is to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating open, transparent and free access to the revolutionary funding opportunities available within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Giveth is building a culture of giving that empowers and rewards those who give -- to projects, to society, and to the world. We aim to inspire our community to participate in an ecosystem of collective support, abundance and value-creation. Check out our Calendar and Join Page to get more involved.

Our Mission

To build a culture of giving that rewards and empowers those who give - to projects, to society, and to the world.

Our Vision

Giving is effortless and people all around the world are rewarded for creating positive change.

Our Values

Giveth encourages Decentralization:

  • Giveth offers innovative open-source solutions built on blockchain technology, which is inherently decentralized.

  • Giveth is pioneering and experimenting with decentralized governance and communication techniques and supporting their adoption by other communities.

Giveth promotes Altruism:

  • Giveth is an open, non-hierarchical global initiative empowering social, environmental and humanistic impact projects with modern technologies.

  • Giveth supports many like-minded initiatives that are adding value to the world without necessarily having a direct profit motive.

  • Giveth is building a self-sustaining giving economy that encourages and rewards altruistic intention.

Giveth builds Community:

  • Giveth is an inclusive community united around a common goal.

  • Giveth is a community-owned platform, building and developing our DApps based on feedback from our members.

  • Giveth enables trust within communities by increasing transparency and accountability through blockchain. technology

  • Giveth proactively reaches out to similar initiatives which we see as potential collaborators, as opposed to competitors.

Tech stack

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Benefits and perks

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