Benefits at DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo provides take back your schedule, fair pay for everyone, learning and development budget and 12 other employee benefits and perks.


Wellness stipend

To promote your physical and mental health, we offer a Wellness Stipend of up to $1,000 USD per year (taxable) to use for the following expenses: fitness memberships (e.g., gyms, yoga, Classpass), consultations, and counseling (e.g., nutritionist, mental health), sports and athletic activities (e.g., soccer leagues), and personal wellness equipment (e.g., treadmill, bicycle).

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Paid parental leave

After 1 year at the company, we offer up to 16 weeks paid leave to all new parents (it's 4 weeks within the first 6 months at the company and 8 weeks at 6-12 months). Birthing parents can combine this with Short Term Medical Leave for up to 24 weeks. And we offer an additional 8 weeks unpaid, if you need more time.

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Home office budget

To help you get your office set up, we reimburse up to $1,250 USD to cover the purchase of office productivity items, such as desk, chair, computer monitors, keyboards, etc. We also reimburse the purchase of a computer every 3 years and offset the cost of a phone (up to $500 USD) every 2 years to do your job.


Learning and development budget

Every team member has an annual budget of $1,250 USD to invest in their professional development. Every team member also has a dedicated Career Advisor, who serves as a guide to help you develop your strengths, identify your motivations, and understand your opportunities for growth.

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Flexible time off

We trust you to use good judgment to take time off as needed so that you can be your best at work. Our CEO sets a good example by taking regular vacations and encouraging the rest of the team to do the same.

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Employee assistance program (EAP)

We offer counseling services provided through Workplace Options to help you and your family manage life-stressors (e.g., stress, depression, marital challenges, well-being, etc.)


Healthcare benefits

Medical (70%-100% company paid depending on coverage), dental (50% company paid), and vision insurance (50% company paid) for employees. U.S. employees only.

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Company retreats

We have annual company retreats, team meetups, and optional “work-ations” where you work with colleagues in various destinations around the world.

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Fair pay for everyone

Everyone at the same professional level earns the same pay regardless of factors like race, gender, age, and location.

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Human Interest – No company match, which maintains equality with team members worldwide. U.S. employees only.

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Co-working space budget

Should you prefer to work from a co-working space, we reimburse the cost up to $500 USD per month.

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Take back your schedule

No core hours means working when you're most productive, and taking time off when you need it.


Company events

Every quarter we hold 3-day long Hack Days, during which we work on whatever we want.

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Charitable donation matching

We match on qualified charitable donations of up to $1,000 per year.

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Equity benefits

Every employee gets equity, so you are rewarded for your best work.

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160k-160k USD

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160k-160k USD

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160k-160k USD

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145k-145k USD

Full Time
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210k-210k USD

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160k-160k USD

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