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Audius tech stack

Audius is a digital streaming service that connects fans directly with artists and exclusive new music.It does this by being fully decentralized: Audius is owned and run by a vibrant, open-source community of artists, fans, and developers all around the world.

Audius tech stack

Facebook Ads, Google Tag Manager, Segment, Amazon EC2, and Amazon S3 are some of the popular tools that Audius uses.


Audius is using the following analytics tools and software.

Application Hosting

Audius is using the following application hosting tools and software.

Application Utilities

Audius is using the following application tools and software.

Assets and Media

Audius is using the following media tools and software.


Audius is using the following communication tools and software.

Data Stores

Audius is using the following data storage tools and software.


Audius is using the following development tools and software.

Languages & Frameworks

Audius is using the following programming tools and software.


Audius is using the following programming tools and software.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Audius is using the following marketing and sales tools and software.


Audius is using the following monitoring tools and software.

Music Streaming
Number of employees



Roneil Rumburg

These are the countries where employees are currently based.

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Audius is hiring Software Engineer - Full Stack, Software Engineer - Frontend, and more.

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