Acklen Avenue tech stack

WebdriverIO, Electron, React Native, Mailchimp, and Intercom are some of the popular tools that Acklen Avenue uses.


Acklen Avenue is using the following analytics tools and software.

Application Hosting

Acklen Avenue is using the following application hosting tools and software.


Acklen Avenue is using the following development tools and software.

Languages & Frameworks

Acklen Avenue is using the following programming tools and software.


Acklen Avenue is using the following programming tools and software.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Acklen Avenue is using the following marketing and sales tools and software.

Product Management



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Icons/design/feather/country/ar Argentina
Icons/design/feather/country/mx Mexico
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3 remote jobs at Acklen Avenue

Acklen Avenue is hiring UX/UI Designer, Full-stack Developer, and more.

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