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Shahzir taufeeq


I am Customer support and Social media Manager with 5 Years of extensive Experience


What I'm looking for

There are many things that I am looking for in a job, including:

A sense of purpose and meaning in the work I do.

A positive and supportive work culture.

A fair and competitive salary and benefits package.

Ultimately, I am looking for a job that allows me to utilize my skills and abilities to make a meaningful contribution, while also providing me with personal and professional fulfillment.

I love selling my skills and work. I hate selling myself and my soul here is a few things about me I have 5 years of experience in customer support (social media chat, email, and call support .) social media management, data entry and virtual assistance, I have experience working for E-commerce,(amazon and Shopify) and online casino gaming platforms and am well aware of every CRM tool which is currently using. I have a goal that I give top priority to 100% customer satisfaction. Over the past five years, I have been an excellent customer support service provider.
Some of my specialties include but are not limited to

✔️ Customer Service ✔️Technical Support ✔️ Email and Client follow up ✔️ Live Chat support ✔️ online fish games ✔️ data entry ✔️ Virtual Assistance ✔️ order tracking ✔️ Social Media Support & Management ✔️ Ticket Support ✔️ Hotel bookings ✔️ casino management
Some Software that I have a great command of, include:
✔️ G-suite / Google workspace ✔️ Facebook ads ✔️ Zoho CRM ✔️ HubSpot ✔️ Zendesk ✔️ SEO ✔️ Hootsuite ✔️ Google Analytics ✔️ Help scout ✔️ WordPress and many more



Social Media Manager

Lux N City

Mar 2020 - Dec 2020 (9 months)

Social Media ManagerSocial Media Manager
Lux N city online Fish Games · Full-timeLux N city online Fish Games · Full-time
Mar 2020 - Dec 2020 · 10 mosMar 2020 - Dec 2020 · 10 mos
Texas, United States · RemoteTexas, United States · Remote
Online gaming platform with thousands of active players based in Texas united state America
Developing and implementing a social media marketing plan
Managing an

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