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Hi, my name is Matheus Gomes. I build things for the web!


What I'm looking for

Software Engineer and Mentor with 5+ years of experience in Vue, Nuxt, Cypress, GraphQL, Test, CI/CD, HTML, Javascript, CSS, SCSS, and Tailwind. Proven history of creating and maintaining products used by millions. Passionate about creating experiences that delight users. Applying for a position as a Software Engineer.



Sr. Software Engineer


May 2022 - Present (1 year 11 months)

• Created with the University of California at Los Angeles a new library access page. Using Vue 2, Rollup, Nuxt, Storybook, Cypress, Git, GraphQL and other modern technologies.
• Developed components based on designs in Figma and went through a rigid development workflow, using tests, peer review, and pair programming.
• Done project presentations and documentation.




Oct 2022 - Present (1 year 6 months)

• Front-end technology mentor for diverse niches of people belonging to underrepresented groups. Such as: black people, indigenous people, people who identify with the female gender, people with disabilities, people residing in peripheral regions and LGBTQIA+ people.
• Provided 1-on-1 and group mentorship sessions to help underrepresented individuals advance their skills in the technology industry

Ânima Educação logoÂE

Backend Developer

Ânima Educação

Nov 2020 - May 2022 (1 year 6 months)

• Development of APIs in .NET Core for the Ânima institution and applied better ways to develop using Gitflow and writing articles and documentation for internal use, impacting every new developer.
• Used design patterns such as DDD and Implemented software principles such as SOLID and Clean Code, used by the whole squad.
• Carried out the implementation of test technologies such as Xunity.

Unifesp - Universidade Federal de São Paulo logoUP

Front-end Engineer

Unifesp - Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Feb 2021 - Jun 2022 (1 year 4 months)

Project was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Elke Stedefeldt, Prof. Dr. Ezequiel Zorzal and
by doctoral student Rayane Stephanie Gomes de Freitas.
Activities performed: architecture and development of the front-end of the
application. Contemplating but not limited to System Design, UI, Report Export,
REST call creation, page creation, navigation logic, form creation
dynamic, responsiveness, and more.


Sr. Software Engineer


Jul 2021 - May 2022 (10 months)

• Provided specialized front-end consulting services for large companies such as 3 Corações, as well as a few startups such as GlobalPro Fit, Codex among others.
• Activities provided involve improving an application by 50% of loading performance. Code reduction by 75% with the application of clean code and good practices. Introduction of code patterns for both commit and development.

Agrotools logoAG

Full Stack Developer


Nov 2018 - Nov 2020 (2 years)

• Carried out the development of mobile applications using React-Native and C#.
• Developed and implemented documentation for major improvements on the team.
• Helped the Innovation team using React and Vue, also helped develop new features using Javascript and .NET.
• Directly involved in learning and using SCRUM in his team.
• Implemented a translation resource (i18n) in an insurance service.

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