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PocketSuite officially launched in 2016 (though some customers have been with us since PocketSuite was just a twinkle in our founders’ eyes).

About PocketSuite

PocketSuite officially launched in 2016 (though some customers have been with us since PocketSuite was just a twinkle in our founders’ eyes). ​We started out with solopreneurs in the Bay Area and now we’re serving thousands of people who work for themselves in all 50 states. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, but everyone at PocketSuite lives and works wherever they want.

We believe the “Future of Work” is people working remotely, for themselves, wherever, and whenever and making good income. Our team is living proof that this future is possible ​and inevitable​. “If you ask 9 out of 10 people if they want to work for themselves, they’ll say, “Heck yes!” Followed by, “But how would I pay my bills?” At PocketSuite, we’re on a mission to answer that question - once and for all.

What does a vegan chef, a goat yoga instructor, a service dog trainer, a couples therapist, an AirBnb host consultant, an accountant for Instagram stars, a luxury car detailer, a hot stone massage therapist, a CrossFit instructor, and a lash technician... all have in common? ​PocketSuite.

We serve such a wide range of people with clients because we fundamentally believe that ANYONE with clients can work for themselves and make a good living.

We know this because each and every one of our team members has been an entrepreneur working for ourselves as Etsy shop owners, mobile developers, security experts, data scientists, product marketers, photographers, strategy consultants, fundraisers, market researchers, and commercial lenders. We hire really unique, customer obsessed, entrepreneurs who do not move with the herd. They really believe in human potential. They are passionate about building tools that enable people to make good income from doing good work.

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