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About us

OpenCraft is the leading Open edX platform development provider with more than 1,000 contributions to the project. OpenCraft works closely with the edX organization, the world’s leading Massive Open Online Course provider. edX has worked with OpenCraft to develop key features to the platform and has publicly recognized OpenCraft as one of the leading Open edX specialists in the community.

Services include:
  • Setting up your own learning platform with self-service and enterprise hosting offerings
  • Developing custom integrations and interactive exercises
  • Receiving support, guidance and code reviews
  • Designing courses based on expert advice and reviews 

OpenCraft team members have extensive technical experience which allows us to work with customers to achieve their strategic goals of delivering innovative learning experiences and promote professional and life-long education. 

Customers include:
  • Harvard
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Arizona State University
  • Cloudera
  • LabXchange
  • Australian National University
  • Berkeley School of Information

OpenCraft is decentralized, which lets us recruit the best talent, no matter their location. If you want a team of proven experts to help you deliver online courses on the Open edX platform, contact us at [email protected]
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