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    Learnlife is leading the education revolution by empowering learners, educators, and governments worldwide to take on a fresh approach to learning, driven by scientific research and technology.By 2030 Learnlife will have impacted 100 million learners, 5 million educators, 100,000 schools and governments of 196 countries by launching 5.000 Learnhubs empowering learning innovation and fulfilled lifelong learners.People around the world, from learners to parents to governments, will have a new understanding of education, based on a fresh framework that involves personal learning programmes, high learner agency and a Learning Vitae.

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    FutureLearn connects people and ideas with the world’s best free online courses. It aims to pioneer the best social learning experiences for everyone, anywhere. Whether you’re a professional looking to gain a new business skill or an avid pastime learner wanting to discover a new passion, we offer a diverse selection of free, high quality online courses from over 110 (a number that’s always growing) of the world’s leading universities, business schools and specialist organisations.

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