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    OnFrontiers's mission is to enable a world in which experts play a more meaningful and elevated role in the work of any business. Our product is a SaaS platform customers use to manage their proprietary network of go-to experts and access new experts on-demand from one of the largest and most global expert marketplaces. OnFrontiers customers grow faster, operate more efficiently, and increase their competitiveness by putting global knowledge at the fingertips of the entire organization.

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    Coda started in 2014 with a simple observation: In a world full of pre-built tools and applications, why do documents and spreadsheets seem to run the world? The founding Coda team crossed paths at Google, YouTube, and Microsoft, where they saw their teams stretch the limits of what spreadsheets and documents can do. Then in 2014, they banded together to build the doc they always wanted. One that erased the boundaries between words and data.

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    GitBook started mid-2014 as an open-source tool for developers to build documentation. Today we empower teams of all sizes to build great internal & external docs. We are a small product-focused team, who listens and learns from our users, we like to move fast and iterate with their feedback. Remote: work remotely whenever you want to (+/-2h from Paris time zone) Make an impact: Build a product that helps thousands of teams & users around the world.

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