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    The global platform for Natural Capital. Teams use Cecil's software to manage carbon & natural capital assets in one place. By 2030, global climate commitments and social pressures will drive US$5 trillion annually into climate and nature restoration. From nature-based offset projects to biodiversity inventories, Cecil brings ecosystem data together to help teams manage and invest in natural capital.

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    B2U Storage Solutions (B2U) develops battery energy storage systems (ESS) and sells stored electricity into power markets when it is needed most. B2U’s ESS uses second life EV batteries to achieve a superior Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS). B2U was founded in 2019 by Freeman Hall and Mike Stern. B2U was spun off from Solar Electric Solutions (SES), where since 2008 SES had developed 100 MWs of solar PV across 11 projects.

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    Allinfra is at the forefront of technology in the blockchain and climate field – serving multinational, forward thinking clients across a range of industries. We’re looking for innovative, driven engineers, keen to be involved in the solving of unique, complex technical problems at the intersection of climate data, IoT and blockchain technology.

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