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About us

Founded in 2012, marketgoo provides SEO tools for Hosting companies to resell and help their customers succeed online.

marketgoo is a fully remote, bootstrapped company.

Our Values

  • Proud of What We Do: We take pride in our work and feel rewarded through the challenges we take on and the quality we deliver.
  • Working on a Dream: We commit to projects that power our freedom and wellbeing
  • Reach for the Stars: We aspire to be a high performing group that takes on challenges
  • Deep Trust: We fully trust each other to be vulnerable and completely honest (without being jerks)

Our Guiding Principles

  • Be Flexible: Embrace and drive change.
  • Stay Hungry: Don’t let the good times hypnotize you, don’t forget that you always need to be persistent and seeking improvement and growth.
  • Always be Learning: Seek wisdom growth as a team and individually.
  • Disagree & Commit: Communicate and listen, be vulnerable and have empathy. Be passionate about your ideas without being overly attached to them.
  • End-User in mind: The value we provide doesn’t stop at the Partner – we serve those who serve end-users and aim to satisfy them both.
  • Embrace Simplicity: Peel away the unnecessary, redundant or low-value layers and strive for simplicity

Our Culture #GooLife

Culture is Deliberate at marketgoo, and one of the pillars of our Company.

We make a conscious effort to cultivate it, and make sure that marketgoo is helping each team members achieve their personal and professional goals while living the life they want.

A lot of our activities are based around Madrid, but we are a totally remote company.

#GooLife is how we document our Culture. To learn more about it, read our Culture Manual, and our Founder’s Blog.

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