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Founded in 2012, marketgoo provides SEO tools for Hosting companies to resell and help their customers succeed online.

About marketgoo

Founded in 2012, marketgoo provides SEO tools for Hosting companies to resell and help their customers succeed online.

marketgoo is a fully remote, bootstrapped company.

Our Values

  • Proud of What We Do: We take pride in our work and feel rewarded through the challenges we take on and the quality we deliver.

  • Working on a Dream: We commit to projects that power our freedom and wellbeing

  • Reach for the Stars: We aspire to be a high performing group that takes on challenges

  • Deep Trust: We fully trust each other to be vulnerable and completely honest (without being jerks)

Our Guiding Principles

  • Be Flexible: Embrace and drive change.

  • Stay Hungry: Don’t let the good times hypnotize you, don’t forget that you always need to be persistent and seeking improvement and growth.

  • Always be Learning: Seek wisdom growth as a team and individually.

  • Disagree & Commit: Communicate and listen, be vulnerable and have empathy. Be passionate about your ideas without being overly attached to them.

  • End-User in mind: The value we provide doesn’t stop at the Partner – we serve those who serve end-users and aim to satisfy them both.

  • Embrace Simplicity: Peel away the unnecessary, redundant or low-value layers and strive for simplicity

Our Culture #GooLife

Culture is Deliberate at marketgoo, and one of the pillars of our Company.

We make a conscious effort to cultivate it, and make sure that marketgoo is helping each team members achieve their personal and professional goals while living the life they want.

A lot of our activities are based around Madrid, but we are a totally remote company.

#GooLife is how we document our Culture. To learn more about it, read our Culture Manual, and our Founder’s Blog.

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