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Ledger Investing employee benefits and perks

Ledger Investing provides an exciting opportunity for asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices and other institutions interested in earning a great return through insurance investing.

Benefits at Ledger Investing

Ledger Investing provides equity benefits, healthcare insurance, free vr gear and 3 other employee benefits and perks.


Gym membership

Money to spend each month on whatever makes you feel good whether it's the gym, yoga, meditation classes, or something in between.

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Equity benefits

Every employee gets equity, so you are rewarded for your best work.

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Workstation stipend

We want to make sure your workstation is comfortable.

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Retirement benefits

401(k) to help you invest in your future.


Healthcare insurance

Medical, dental, and vision insurance


Free VR gear

Oculus Quest VR Headset

Employee benefits at companies like Ledger Investing

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Xfers logo
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27 tech stacks


2 benefits

Founded in 2015, Xfers aims to accelerate financial access within Southeast Asia by enabling businesses to accept payments and send money.

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65 tech stacks


5 benefits

We’re collectively driven to work together on big ideas and address the financial challenges millions of hard working Americans experience everyday.

Uniregistry logo
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25 tech stacks


9 benefits

The internet is changing and we’re part of the new wave.Uniregistry is building the Internet of tomorrow with new domain extensions, a more intuitive and user-friendly domain management registrar, and an award-winning premium domain brokerage service.

Nomba logo

1 benefit

Improving payment experience for businesses.

Icons/design/feather/2 layers

22 tech stacks


9 benefits

Triplebyte is a hiring marketplace used by companies like Apple, Dropbox, Stripe and Instacart to hire the best technical talent.

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25 tech stacks


11 benefits

Founded in 2013, ClassPass is the leading membership to the world’s largest fitness network.

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