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The #1 platform for product change communicators.

Trusted by hundreds of industry-leading organizations across the globe, LaunchNotes is the world’s first and only product change communication platform. It delivers real-time updates to the audiences who need to know in a manner that’s personalized, automated, and secure. As the speed of software development and deployment continues to rapidly increase, LaunchNotes ensures every team across an organization is always moving in lock step with their product development process.

LaunchNotes is built and supported by a small but mighty team of passionate, curious, and collaborative individuals all across North America. A diverse and remote-first team, we’re guided by radical transparency, a relentless customer-first mindset, and the mantra of progress over perfection. We’re committed to an environment that provides each person with the autonomy and freedom to thrive, while recognizing that we can accomplish so much more together than we can apart. We’re also driven by the belief that none of us is successful unless we’re all succeeding, and we relish in celebrating our wins—be they across our own team and organization or the wins of our customers. We’re always on the lookout for additional bright and industrious individuals with a great sense of humor to join our team and help write the next chapter of the LaunchNotes story.

Tech stack

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Benefits and perks

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Unlimited time off

Unlimited time off

Take as much time off as you want as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to do your work.

Equity benefits

Equity benefits

Equity ownership in LaunchNotes, so you are rewarded for your best work.

Paid parental leave

Paid parental leave

Paid family leave for all parents to support you and your family.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance

We'll cover your short-term and long-term disability insurance.

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View all employee benefits
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