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About Hyperscience

Hyperscience is a technology company blazing a new path in enterprise automation with a reimagined approach to building and powering processes. The Hyperscience Platform is the world’s first Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome Automation platform used by the global 2000s and government organizations around the world to build and run mission-critical processes with ease and speed.

Hyperscience helps enterprises quickly build and roll out new business processes with built-in automations, reduce manual errors, increase high and low-skill employees productivity, and eliminate the need for costly transformation. Hyperscience Intelligent Document Processing solution has been implemented at some of the world’s leading financial services, insurance, healthcare and government organizations, including TD Ameritrade, QBE Insurance Group Limited and Voya Financial, helping them lower costs, reduce error rates by 67% and increase employee capacity by 10x.

Since its founding in 2014, Hyperscience has raised $111 million in VC funding and grown to more than 140 employees with offices in New York City, Sofia, Bulgaria, and London, UK. The company has consistently been recognized as one of the best places to work with a collaborative and innovative culture and best-in-class benefits.

Learn about the technology and tools that Hyperscience uses.

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Hyperscience's tech stack

Google Tag Manager, Amazon EC2, CloudFlare, Drift, and OneTrust are some of the popular tools that Hyperscience uses. Learn more about the Analytics, Application Hosting, Assets and Media, Front Office, and Application Utilities in Hyperscience's Tech Stack.


Application Hosting

Application Utilities

Assets and Media

Back Office



Front Office

Languages & Frameworks

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