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Premium domains based marketplace for remote work.

A Marketplace in the AR/VR, Games, Healthtech, Fintech, IoT and Edutainment domains to build teams of Incredibles who get along like a house on fire! Our 'Incredibles' are evaluated for quality, communication and work management skills and are matched to projects based on the client's specific requirements. They have worked with companies like Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Sony, Disney and WarnerBros., providing services ranging from Engineering, Design, Art, UI and UX to Sound Design, Visual effects, Animation, QA and Project Management.

With our recent expansion into HealthTech, IoT & Fin-tech talent marketplace, we're providing companies domain experts with functional expertise. Having prior experience working in these verticals, these Incredibles are highly skilled at what they do, understand the nuances of the industry/product, typical work-flows and pipelines followed therein, hence dramatically increasing the chances of a successful collaboration - an 'Incredible' collaboration!

We'll keep you updated when the best new remote jobs pop up.


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