Benefits at G2i

Learn about the benefits and perks G2i provides to its employees.


Healthcare benefits

95% of base healthcare premium covered

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4-day workweeks

We work 4 day / 32 hour work weeks


Paid vacation

21 days of paid time off

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Aerolab logo
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45 tech stacks


3 benefits

Aerolab is a digital product agency helping startups and big companies deliver meaningful experiences to users all over the world.

Ledger Investing logo
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23 tech stacks


6 benefits

Ledger Investing provides an exciting opportunity for asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices and other institutions interested in earning a great return through insurance investing.

Tuple logo
Icons/design/feather/2 layers

33 tech stacks


4 benefits

Tuple is a macOS app for remote pair programming (with a Linux client on the way).

GoodWorker logo
Icons/design/feather/2 layers

48 tech stacks


8 benefits

GoodWorker is bridging the gap and creating better lives for workers through the unlocking of job opportunities and value-added services between individuals and businesses.GoodWorker is an exciting new technology start-up with a social agenda, set up with one dream in mind; helping to transform the lives of blue-collar workers around the world, by leveraging Web 3.0 technologies.

Divio logo
Icons/design/feather/2 layers

23 tech stacks


4 benefits

Founded in 2001, Divio Technologies is headquartered in Stockholm with offices in Zürich and New York together with expert competence centers across the world.

Ycode logo
Icons/design/feather/2 layers

20 tech stacks


7 benefits

Ycode is a new visual programming tool that empowers you to build and host advanced web apps without writing any code.

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