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We’re Fanatical Labs and we give businesses superpowers.

We work feverishly in our labs to create gadgets and gizmos that let your business do more. Formerly SugarOutfitters, Fanatical Labs specializes in creating the tech that turns a platform into a community.

We build solutions that help you get more done


A no-code solution that brings all the SaaS apps you use into one handy-to-use spot. Glances finds data based on what you are looking at and displays it right there which eliminates tab switching, searching and clicking around to find your important customer data.

Fanatically Zen
Enable your support and sales teams by giving them the visibility they need. With this Zendesk and SugarCRM integration your teams will be able to stay up-to-date on all relevant records whether they are in Zendesk or in Sugar.

Save your team countless hours. SugarChimp syncs your lists in both directions so you can work in your preferred application. Segment and group your MailChimp subscribers based on CRM data so you can market to the right people at the right time.

We have a history of delivering amazing products

Look, we get it. It’s great that people can write plugins for your platform. But to keep that software ecosystem alive and vibrant, you need a bazaar, a place buyers and sellers know, a place they can always find what they need. We’ve spent the past five years learning how to build killer marketplaces and plugins. Here's our team and our track record …
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