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Empire Flippers started in 2011. Back then, we were known as the AdSense Flippers, and we were all about building our own niche sites. We would monetize those sites via Google AdSense. Once the sites were making a little money, we would sell them on Flippa for 20x their net monthly profit.

We recorded our entire journey by blogging all about it.

It was a nice little business and soon we built quite a following of people who loved what we were up to. It got to the point where people asked us if we would use our Flippa account to sell their sites. They told us it would sell easier since we had the audience, and they would pay us a percentage of the sale.

So… we said yes.

It wasn’t long before we were selling way more of other people’s sites than our own.

We realized there was something here. Something big.

In 2012, we rebranded to Empire Flippers and became an online business brokerage in our own right. We launched our marketplace and became the “go-to” solution for people wanting to sell their online businesses.

Fast forward to today, we now have the largest brokerage team in the industry. We have staff that is siloed for each part of the selling and buying process — everyone from marketing and sales team members, to vetting and migration experts.

Now, we’re inviting you to become part of our story.

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Company meetup

Twice a year we gather in a fun location and collaborate over the latest projects and ideas. Our meetups take place all over the world.


Healthcare benefits

We offer a fully paid Global Health Insurance plan so you are covered anywhere you go.

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Flexible working hours

We are true digital nomads, living anywhere and everywhere in the world.

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Unlimited vacation

We allow employees the opportunity to take time off as they see fit.

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Uncomplicate your customer journey. We've brought your customer data, audiences, marketing channels and analytics together on one platform - all you have to do is switch it ON.

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Get a toll-free number and increase your sales globally.At 800.com, we're building an intuitive & powerful cloud communications platform for SMB & Enterprises to communicate via Voice & SMS.We're a marketplace for cloud-based phone numbers founded in 2008, with tens of thousands of customers.

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Uplift is an enterprise Buy Now, Pay Later solution solving the complex requirements of the world’s most demanding enterprise brands.

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We’re on a mission to accelerate medical research by putting patients at the heart of getting new treatments and medications to market.

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Smart connections for ecommerce growth.Littledata is the top ecommerce data platform for modern DTC brands.

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Online platform that connects hospitality businesses and professionals.

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