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Apache Spark, DataStax Astra, Google Cloud Platform, DC/OS, and Kubernetes are some of the popular tools that uses.

Analytics is using the following analytics tools and software.

Application Hosting is using the following application hosting tools and software.

Application Utilities is using the following application tools and software.

Collaboration is using the following collaboration tools and software.

Data Stores is using the following data storage tools and software.

Development is using the following development tools and software.

Languages & Frameworks is using the following programming tools and software.

Marketing and Sales Tools is using the following marketing and sales tools and software.

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Zimble Code logo
Tech stack

25 tech stacks

Zimble Code is a leading web and mobile app development company that is adept at building advanced and innovative digital solutions that can shape the future.We are a team of technology enthusiasts, developing solutions that transform great ideas into impactful innovations.

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Algolia is a search-as-a-service platform delivering digital experiences for companies.

We are an agency focused 100% on the Shopify platform.

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Tech stack

8 tech stacks

GeoTether is here to assist in elevating your cyber environments.

Cmd logo

Cmd allows organizations to proactively secure their Linux environment like never before.

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GrapheneDB is the world’s first fully managed hosting service for the world’s leading graph database Neo4j.A flexible, scalable platform that lets you be in control when you want to be, providing tools that empower your team.Pay-as-you-go, and scale as you need.

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