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Bold Penguin cuts the friction out of commercial insurance.

The Bold Penguin Marketplace is a highly efficient commercial insurance exchange that connects customers, agents, and carriers to match the right quote in record time.

Founded as an insurtech innovator based in Columbus, Ohio, Bold Penguin rapidly increases speed-to-bind for commercial insurance. In 2016, they launched a highly efficient exchange that enhances the connections between customers, agents, and carriers—reducing friction in the buying process for everyone. 

Integrating technology with the human touch, the exchange is powered by a recommendation engine that’s always learning, utilizing data to predict the optimum placement of insurance risks. 

Tens of thousands of policies are processed through their platform each month. Bold Penguin partners with top brokers and insurers to make underwriting small commercial simpler, faster, and more profitable.

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Artificial Intelligence



Ilya Bodner

Icons/design/feather/country/us United States

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