Fit reading into your life. Where do the world’s smartest people get their ideas?

About Blinkist

Fit reading into your life.

Where do the world’s smartest people get their ideas? From great books. Blinkist distills the key insights of 2,000+ bestselling nonfiction books into powerful 15-minute reads or listens for your mobile device. In 2017, our app has been nominated by Apple as one of the best in the App Store. We have received the World Summit Award, granted by the United Nations, in the Learning & Education category, as well as a Google Material Design Award for Brand Expressiveness.

About Blinkist

How a group of readers, writers, developers, designers and planners are bringing the ideas from the best nonfiction to some of the busiest people on the planet.

Almost none of us have the time to read everything we’d like to read. Yet we lose countless hours to activities that bring us little joy such as commuting, chores and staring at our phones. What if we could turn these little blocks of unallocated time into precious and rewarding moments for learning and reflection? Founded in 2012 by four friends, Blinkist now connects 6-million readers worldwide to the biggest ideas from bestselling nonfiction via 15-minute audio and text. So what makes us tick?

1. Creating a meaningful product

To help people integrate fresh and relevant ideas into their busy lives, we created a new format—the book-in-blinks. You get the key insights from a nonfiction book in just 15-minutes, in text or audio to fit the different parts of your day.

2. Humans before algorithms

We collaborate directly with authors as well as combing bestseller lists, new releases and recommendations to find the most intriguing books, which our expert readers distill into short Blinks, fact-checked and quality assured by Blinkist editors.

3. Awards and wonderful teammates

Blinkist’s unique company culture, built on self-organization and transparency, helps us ensure that everything we do is worth the effort we put in. International recognition for our work includes a United Nations World Summit Award in the Learning & Education category, a Google Material Design Award, and we were named one of Apple’s Best Apps of 2017. Find out more about working at Blinkist.

4. Constant discovery

So far we’ve Blinked more than 4,000 books, covering everything from psychology and management to philosophy and mindfulness, with new titles added every day. We’re forever finding fresh ways to help people discover authors, connect topics and expand their world. Try Blinkist.

Who we are

We’re curiosity-driven readers, writers, designers, developers, and strategists from over 40 different countries.

We've come together to share the power of big ideas, build a meaningful product, and foster a supportive culture of self-empowerment, creativity, and trust.

What we do

We create bitesize content products so people can easily fit reading and learning into their lives.

We also love to travel, meditate, play board games, take part in quizzes (and design our own!), play with dogs, DJ, brew beer, celebrate holidays, surprise each other on special occasions, hike, and dance.

Why we do it

We’re on a mission to inspire people to keep learning. In doing so, we lead by example.

By making learning central to what we do, we push boundaries of the unknown, using every chance we get to develop ourselves by improving our product and the world around us.

What we value

These values are the foundation of our unique company culture:

  • Default to Transparency: We share information freely with our colleagues to ensure clarity and alignment.

  • Champion Self - Empowerment: We take the lead and accountability for our goals that serve the greater purpose and mission.

  • Communicate Directly: We know that whatever the question, communication is the answer.

  • Strive to Learn and Grow: We relish the chance to continuously grow and share what we’ve learned so that others can evolve, too.

  • Support Each Other: We help our colleagues, treat them with respect, and celebrate their achievements.

  • Leave Egos Behind: We put the team’s purpose before individual success.

  • Embrace Failure: We dare greatly and learn from our mistakes. We take them as an opportunity to grow.

What we offer

  • Free (healthy) lunch

  • Enjoy delicious, healthy lunch made fresh everyday by our two chefs, Ed & Peter.

  • Opportunity to have an impact

  • Own your field and make key decisions that impact the future of the company.

  • BVG Ticket

  • Get yearly public transport passes to get around town hassle-free.

  • Work from home

  • Decide on your hours and work from home or remotely whenever you like.

  • Take time to recharge

  • Get 30 vacation days per year, national holidays on top!

  • Phenomenal gaming culture

  • We have won trophies for foosball. We’ve designed our own incredibly competitive Mölkky tournament. We are excellent at Werewolf, Avalon, and Exploding Kittens.

  • Work environmentally conscious

  • We track and take actions on our carbon footprints. Work with a company where climate action is seen as a responsibility, and act now, together with us.

Employee benefits

Learn about the employee benefits and perks provided at Blinkist.

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Employee assistance program (EAP)

Spill for employee Mental Health Support

Take time to recharge

Get 30 vacation days per year, national holidays on top!

Flexible working hours

We accommodate all kinds of lifestyles and life stages. Come work on your terms.

Home office budget

Since you work remotely, we want to make sure your home office is comfortable. You can expense up to €50 per month.

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