Our mission: help people everywhere live their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion.

About BetterUp

Our mission: help people everywhere live their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion.

We believe that purpose and performance are an integrated journey. Since 2013 we have been pioneering transformation and peak performance in individuals, teams, and organizations. As the inventor of virtual coaching and the largest mental health and coaching startup in the world, we build and strengthen the mindsets, skills, and behaviors that help people achieve their full potential – in work, life, and all that they do.

BetterUp is the first Human Transformation Platform that scales whole-person behavior change, integrating into your flow of work to boost organizational performance and measurably impact key business outcomes. With behavioral science, analytics at scale, and evidence-based coaching to affect growth, we bring human transformation to organizations and self-actualization to people worldwide.

Our values

  • Courage: Dare often and greatly.

  • Craftspersonship: Find meaning in what we do through crafting excellence.

  • Playfulness: Great ideas come from health and happiness.

  • Grit: Perseverance driven by determination and passion.

  • Empathy: Innovation starts with understanding.

  • Zest: What sets you apart makes us unique.

Proven effectiveness, positive change

We take a dynamic, proactive, and personalized approach to transformation — to you as an individual, or you as a company. Through tailored experiences with unparalleled access to coaching, mentorship, and interactive content, our platform transforms the organization by unlocking individual and team potential at scale.

  • 90% of members see a reduction in stress

  • 149% increase in resilience

  • 181% improvement in focus

  • 222% increase in team agility

A diverse, inclusive culture

At BetterUp, we are dedicated to building an authentic workplace where people bring their full selves to the table — and we’re helping others do the same. Our research fuels our own inclusion and belonging, so we in turn can help every company we serve to reach their own goals. Our people reflect the diverse communities we are a part of, driving our innovation and helping individuals thrive.

Employee benefits

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Volunteer opportunities

We take 5 volunteer days each year.

Wellness on us

Tune up with $600 each year for wellness programs.

Equity benefits

Experience a competitive base salary and equity package for each and every employee.

Education and learning

We support your continued growth through an annual $1K learning and development stipend.

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