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In June 2019, Altitude Learning was introduced as a new, educator-led company dedicated to helping districts and schools nationwide make the shift to learner-centered education. With the dramatic changes that have taken place in how we work, live, and experience the world, there are many education innovators and change agents working tirelessly to realign the way students develop and learn in the classroom. We are here to help them pave the path to this transformation.

Altitude Learning is helping districts and schools modernize their education models and prepare students for the future. Our network of more than 46 public district and independent school partners rely on our professional learning services and comprehensive technology platform to help build a learner-centered education model. We have a team led by industry-renowned educators who share a bold vision for where education is going, and a dedication to helping all learners develop the knowledge, skills, and habits they need to shape their own future.

Much of our strength is supported by our roots as AltSchool. For six years, we operated a network of kindergarten through 8th-grade lab schools in San Francisco and New York. This allowed us to develop a clear perspective on the role technology should and shouldn’t play in the classroom, and also highlighted the need for formal guidance and support in schools on their journey toward learner-centered education. Our school support program grew out of our roots as AltSchool, and our former lab schools continue as part of the Altitude Learning partner network. We remain focused on providing the adaptive and technical support required to deliver a truly learner-centered school experience.

Learn about the technology and tools that Altitude Learning uses.

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Altitude Learning's tech stack

Amazon CloudFront, Google Analytics, Zendesk, JavaScript, and HTML5 are some of the popular tools that Altitude Learning uses. Learn more about the Assets and Media, Analytics, Front Office, and Languages & Frameworks in Altitude Learning's Tech Stack.


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Languages & Frameworks

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