Headquarted in Copenhagen, we have purpose-led professionals across the world helping us build a scalable impact for farmers and the climate.

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With agriculture accounting for nearly ⅓ of global greenhouse gas emissions, the industry now has the opportunity to actually be a significant part of the solution. By adopting a set of regenerative practices, we’re able to turn soil into natural carbon sinks – pulling carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soils. But the transition of farmers to regenerative agriculture practices has costs. Agreena offers one of the few financial reward schemes in the world to incentivize farmers on their sustainable carbon farming journey.

But the benefits expand beyond incentivizing farmers economically through carbon markets. There are a plethora of regenerative agriculture co-benefits that build climate resilience: improved water retention, biodiversity and reduced erosion, to name a few. Our work is rooted in creating the climate impact necessary for future generations, while continuing to feed a growing population.

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