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Yanick Jimenez


Sr. Product Designer ✦ 5+ years of experience ✦ UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design


What I'm looking for

In my next job, I seek a Senior Product Designer role in an innovative, user-centric culture, collaborating with cross-functional teams for exceptional user experiences. I thrive in environments promoting experimentation, iterative design, creativity, learning, and customer-centricity.

Hi, I'm Yanick! A versatile Product Designer with over 5 years of experience dedicated to transforming ideas into intuitive and engaging digital products. My core skills encompass UI/UX design, product design and interaction design. I specialize in designing mobile and web digital products for B2B and SaaS. I'm currently working remotely from beautiful Quebec, Canada 🍁.

🏆 Some achievements include:

✓ Achieved a remarkable 60% increase in user adoption and elevated user ratings from 3.9 to 4.6 by integrating travel, e-commerce, and fintech verticals into Super™'s SuperApp V1 homepage.

✓ Realized an impressive ∽78% surge in user satisfaction and substantial usability enhancements by revamping © The National Bank of Canada's Wealth Management platform UX.

✓ Accomplished a remarkable 64% increase in risk prediction accuracy for financial compliance by enhancing the interaction design of one of © Behavox's ML reinforcement learning tools.

⏰ In my spare time, I mentor junior designers and share design insights and memes on social media. Lately, I've been exploring the integration of generative AI into my design process to enhance both the speed and impact of my work.

😄 Fun fact about me:
I grew up in a rural Costa Rican village without internet. I had a grand total of three visits to the 'internet cafe' as my computer experience! But at 18, when I moved to Canada, I finally got my own computer, and that's when the world truly opened up for me. Who would have thought I'd build my entire career on my computer skills?


Super.com logoSU

Senior Product Designer


Feb 2022 - Jun 2023 (1 year 4 months)

Led Super's loyalty and retention program design, achieving a 60% adoption increase, raising user ratings from 3.9 to 4.6, and delivering 35% higher SuperCash linking. Enhanced user experience, boosted activity rate by 5%, and mentored 2 designers for increased team productivity.


UX Consultant

Feb 2019 - Sep 2019 (7 months)

Designed tailored solutions for Etic Web's SMB clients, achieving 100% stakeholder and user satisfaction. Enhanced UX for Maison de la Famille, boosted La Place's mobile conversions, improved cross-device navigation, and increased web traffic for 3 SMB clients with 95% user satisfaction.

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