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Edward Frye


I'm Edward Frye, a photographer with 6+ years of artistic vision and technical expertise.

United States

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I am seeking a company with a commitment to inspiring creativity and building a global marketplace for creators. A focus on collaboration, innovation, and community with input and constructive criticism encouraged.

Hello, I'm Edward Emory Frye, a versatile photographer with 6+ years of expertise in Astrophotography, Landscape, and Commercial photography. I wield high-end gear like Sony A7III to create visually stunning content. I offer unique aerial perspectives as an experienced drone pilot with 91 flight hours. I am an Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom expert and proficient in all editing software. Beyond photography, I excel in generative AI and prompt engineering with large language models, passionately automating workflows using AI tools. Let's collaborate to bring creativity and innovation to your next project.


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Edward Emory Photography

Mar 2017 - Present (6 years 6 months)

At Edward Emory Photography, we turn your moments into visual poetry. Specializing in Astrophotography, Landscape, and Commercial shoots, we wield cutting-edge Sony gear to craft stunning narratives. Our 91 flight hours as drone pilots offer unique aerial views. Post-production magic in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom elevates each shot to art.

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