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Daniel Campos


I am Salesperson, cinemaphotographer, copywriter that is hungry and ready for work.

United States

What I'm looking for

I am Looking for a job were i can help my family and be productive in something i love and have a passion towards my future.

As a person I want to achieve my goals and expiring the life of making money and showing how much passion I put into the work of mine or others or even just putting the time in to everything I need to work hard for cause in the end if you really love something you would show passion to it and achieve each goal you set along the way with the experience you learn along the way you see that every opportunity has moments where you can us to making goals for Ure future self.


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Jan 2022 - Present (2 years 4 months)

I am Photographer/salesperson I take pictures of family, little kids and Family gatherings and we also edit and print the photos to picture frames. then after we would close, the sale by trying to market the customer for the photos we took. also, we would book appointments for people needing a photo session at the studio

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