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Cleanne Vlance Cane


I am an aspiring Executive Virtual Assistant currently living in the Philippines.


What I'm looking for

A job that lets me work from home and would fairly compensate me for my work. A job/company that would help me grow and learn in the field that I'm about to take on. I want to be a part of a team and pour my skills and knowledge to achieve our common goal.

A driven individual with 3 years of banking experience in customer

service. Fluent in English; versatile skill set with experience in customer

service, sales, and written and oral communication.



Customer Service Associate

BDO Unibank

Jun 2019 - Oct 2022 (3 years 4 months)

I was in the banking industry for 3 years. I was a customer service associate for 2 years and a marketing assistant for a year. We handle different client transactions every day, face to face.

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