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Vouch Insurance is a new kind of insurance platform for startups. Built by founders for founders, Vouch’s fully digital coverage takes minutes to activate. Vouch is trusted by the biggest names in the startup economy — such as Y Combinator and Silicon Valley Bank — who partner with Vouch because everything from onboarding to claims is designed for startups by experienced founders. Because Vouch is an insurance platform, and not a broker, it works with its clients to manage, mitigate, and avoid risks. Vouch’s founders have built and backed high-growth companies, such as FundingCircle and Root Insurance, and its team of technologists and risk experts come from SVB Capital, NerdWallet, Travelers Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Lyft, Google, and more. 

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Vouch Insurance is hiring Senior Software Engineer, Platform, Lead Software Engineer, Platform, and more.

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