We're kpler, where impressive simplicity is at our core and fuels all we pursue.

About Kpler

We're kpler, where impressive simplicity is at our core and fuels all we pursue.

our story

For a decade, we've set the standard in data and analytics for global trade. Kpler has expanded impressively, multiplying its size by five in just three years. We've been profitable from the start. Proudly, our company remains primarily owned by its founders and team members. We're dedicated to crafting industry-leading products that optimize performance and efficiency. This commitment is a key reason behind our continuous growth since our first product launch.

empowering efficiency through data technology

In 2014, the collaborative vision of engineers François Cazor and Jean Maynier ignited a journey towards revolutionising trade through the power of innovative data technology.

They started focusing on the intricate dynamics of commodity markets, known for their fragmented and often unreliable information.

an innovative start: 
cargo-tracking for LNG

The duo's keen understanding of need in the market led to the creation of the first cargo-tracking solution tailored for the LNG market.

This innovation resonated swiftly across the industry, addressing a critical need for accurate and comprehensive insights.

from breakout success to industry leadership

The remarkable success of the technology-driven solutions led the industry to ask for more.

Expanding the scope across 40 distinct commodities, including gases, liquids, and dry bulk, Kpler ventured into new areas of the supply chain to provide a more complete picture of supply & demand with freight and inventory data, as well as analytics offerings with research and news.

expanding horizons: markets and acquisitions

The evolution of Kpler was punctuated by strategic mergers and acquisitions. The acquisition of ClipperData (2021) and JBC Energy (2022) fortified its foothold in the commodities and data sectors. The integration of COR-e (2022) facilitated entry into the European power market.

In 2023, Kpler made significant strides by acquiring the two leading ship tracking and maritime analytics providers MarineTraffic and FleetMon. Kpler now provides essential insights into the movements and activities of vessels across seas, oceans and rivers. This enables companies to optimise their supply chain, monitor cargo shipments, enhance maritime safety, and make informed decisions in a rapidly changing global market.

a global and diverse team 
of talents

Starting from humble origins of two engineers in a kitchen, Kpler has evolved into a global company with over 500 employees representing more than 35 nationalities. Our dedicated team spans the globe, unified by our shared objective of creating a singular platform for global trade intelligence.

Each day, we strive to surpass boundaries, leveraging our collective ingenuity and boldness to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry.

As a team, we are shaping the future of global trade intelligence, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, and creating high-performing products for our valued customers.

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Hybrid working environment

Work in office spaces at central locations or in sponsored co-working hubs.

Marriage leave

Kpler offers 4 days of paid leave to celebrate the marriage of legally responsible employees.

Paid parental leave

Enjoy global maternity and parental leave policies aligned with contemporary family and individual choices.

Volunteer leave

Kpler employees are provided with 1 day per year for voluntary work to encourage team participation in the local community.

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