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Explore the open remote roles at Shippeo. Shippeo is a global leader in real-time multimodal transportation visibility, helping major shippers and logistics service providers operate more resilient, sustainable, and customer-centric supply chains.

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Explore the variety of open remote roles at Shippeo, offering flexible work options across multiple disciplines and skill levels.

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France only

Apprenticeship - Knowledge Manager


Employee count: 201-500

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France only

Knowledge manager apprenticeship


Employee count: 201-500

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Before you read on, take a look around you. Chances are, pretty much everything you see has been shipped, often multiple times, in order to get there.

Fleetio launched in January 2012, and today thousands of people use Fleetio to manage hundreds of thousands of vehicles, equipment, parts, drivers, and more.

ShipBob is a global omnifulfillment solution trusted by 7,000+ brands to ship orders from everywhere their customers shop. From personalized and memorable unboxing experiences to faster shipping, ShipBob provides best-in-class supply chain solutions and fulfills global orders from the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia to meet customer expectations.

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At PackageX, we’re on a mission to reimagine logistics by building the world’s first unified platform for every hop of the logistics journey.

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