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Kizen’s founders have been providing marketing, sales, and operational consulting since 2003 to some of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the world. In 2018, after using 200 legacy providers for over 15 years, Kizen's founders decided the status quo sales and marketing technology simply wasn’t good enough.

Kizen is the first platform to seamlessly integrate and coordinate the essential sales and marketing technologies so companies can grow smarter, save time, and deliver personalized experiences customers love. 
With this technology, businesses can easily reduce the cost of acquiring new customers and build deeper relationships with existing customers - ultimately increasing the ROI of marketing and sales investments by 2-5X.

Hundreds of customers on 6 different continents are using Kizen to deliver millions of personalized customer experiences and enable over $3 billion in revenues. The reasons above are why companies, more often than not, are choosing Kizen over legacy competitors. Our customers are consistently experiencing happier team members, higher productivity, driving smarter growth, and are deploying deeply personalized customer campaigns in minutes not months - while avoiding the high costs and extensive setup and maintenance challenges associated with legacy providers.

We are in a new era of business, the Personalization Era, where over 80% of businesses are struggling to adapt to new market dynamics. Kizen is built to help businesses thrive, save time, and deliver the experiences customers crave.

Meet Kizen and Zoe and learn about the Personalization Era and the 4 innovations that make Kizen different at

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