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We are a venture studio that works with entrepreneurs and enterprises to define and redefine brands, products and entire new businesses.

About Josephmark

We are a venture studio that works with entrepreneurs and enterprises to define and redefine brands, products and entire new businesses.

Design is our language. Venture is our mindset.

We are a global venture studio

We believe that our legacy will be work that drives genuine value and inspires massive change. As a team and with our partners, we hold each other accountable to create beautiful work that is progressive, bold, and purposeful. And together, we can meaningfully address the issues and interests of our time.

Josephmark was established in 2004, when the term ‘venture studio’ simply meant that we had a lot of explaining to do. Soon enough – and with a lot of effort, skill, and love – Josephmark and the venture studio model grew in kind. Now, we span two continents and 50+ team members, with decades of experience creating, designing, growing, and connecting world-class brands and businesses.

We spend a third of our lives together

So we only hire people we want to spend that precious time with. Here at JM, our mission is to design, build and grow ventures that address the interests and issues of our time – and that can only take shape with a diverse, high-performing team at the helm.

The interests and issues of our time are not limited to JM’s mighty output, but the tenets we advocate, the people and clients we choose to work with, and the ways in which we work. We’re committed to creating an environment that prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for every employee. Read more about our commitments here.


Back in the mid 00s, every Monday at JM started with team breakfast, and every week ended with a champers in hand.

As we’ve expanded across the globe and met the remote reckoning head-on, we’ve used those real-life moments of camaraderie as a north star for our friendly and familial culture – whether it’s IRL or URL.

Venture Equity

Our equity scheme, JM Tokens, enables you to have a share in JM ventures. Every week the hours you work are tallied into Tokens which can be invested into our venture portfolio. This equates to a cash dividend when an invested company has a liquidity event, and your allocations remain yours for life, even if you leave JM.

Flexible & remote working

We're a remote-first studio. JM has flexible hours and locations. So long as it’s not negatively impacting your work, our customers or your teammates, we’re cool with whatever suits you best. That means if you have a doctor's appointment that you need to attend during work hours, it’s ok - we know it all works out in the end. It also means that if you’d like to work from home, that’s ok too.

Enhanced annual leave benefits

Your work-life balance is important to us and we've structured our leave benefits with this in mind. In addition to your statutory entitlements, you’ll also accrue 1 additional vacation day per year after your first year work anniversary, up to a max of 5 additional days.

Variety & quality

Every project we work on is heavily vetted to ensure it’s aligned with our mission and values, we don't just say yes to every brief that comes through the door. You’re guaranteed to work on world-class products, brand-new startups or your very own ideas that are creating a better future by design.

Professional & personal development grants

Josephmark is keen to help staff improve, evolve and grow on both a professional and personal level. Two generous L&D grants are available to help you reach your professional goals whilst also supporting you to have a better work/life balance.

Studio exchange program and remote work sabbatical

We offer both an LA/Brisbane studio exchange program and a remote work sabbatical (Covid permitting). Anyone from the team can visit and work from one of our other studios, their hometowns overseas or a tropical island for up to 3 months in the year.

Events, retreats & field trips

At JM, the line between work and play blurs. Do you like trivia, glamping and book clubs? Good – they happen on the reg.

Multi-disciplinary teams

You get to work with a whole crew of passionate, talented and unique individuals who want to collaborate and make brilliant things together.

Carbon-offsetting and paper free

5,904. That's how many trees we'll be planting this year to offset the energy usage of JM and our employees in our digital-output, paperless studio.

Referral scheme

We know our own networks are one of the best sources of trusted talent, and we reward that with a generous incentive for any new hire that comes from a referral you make.

Your birthday off

Exactly as the title says! You’re entitled to your birthday off, from day one at JM.


To see more of the team and what we get up to on the daily, follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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