We are a Development Studio that works with startups that are looking for ideation, design & product development.

About Fulcrum

We are a Development Studio that works with startups that are looking for ideation, design & product development. Focusing mostly on building marketplaces, we ask ourselves before taking on any project: Will it help others? Do we really believe in it? Our goal here is to have all the people on Earth using the apps we've built.

At Fulcrum we always find a way, also, we are courageously honest and we most certainly give a damn.

A long time ago (2018 to be precise), before the global pandemic, the war in our country, and the unnecessary prequel to Lord of the Rings, there was a team of young entrepreneurs from Kyiv that was about to create a development company from scratch. It’s impossible to operate a business without a website in the XXI century, so first thing first, choose a domain name.

We’d love to tell you how meticulous and thorough this process was, but it wouldn’t be true. A cool domain for 15 bucks was found by our CEO Ihor, that domain was develop.fulrum.rocks. In essence, it represented our desire to work and rock’n’roll.

As time passed, things changed and gained new meanings. We stumbled upon an English translation of a famous Archimedes quote:

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” —Archimedes 287 BC – 212 BC

It’s the guy who shouted “Eureka!” every time he had a bright idea, and he had quite a lot of those. It’s sort of a must to become one of the leading scientists of classical antiquity. The word “fulcrum” started to grow on us in the light of this expanded meaning.

The notion of making a difference in the world inspired us and made us feel like what we do matters. Fulcrum has now taken on the mission to “Turn ideas that inspire into products that help”

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