Ship UIs faster with automated workflows for Storybook. Chromatic automates gathering UI feedback, visual testing, and documentation, so developers can iterate faster with less manual work.

About Chromatic

We help developers build UIs with components. In the future, every UI will be assembled from components.

We maintain Storybook, the most popular open source tool for developing UI components. It’s used by thousands of companies like Lyft, Airbnb, and GitHub to engineer UIs for millions of people.

Chromatic is run by Storybook core maintainers. We speak at conferences, write books, articles, and tutorials related to Component-Driven Development using Storybook.

To fuel our open source work we build Chromatic, a cloud service for Storybook that automates workflows for UI feedback, visual regression testing, and documentation. That helps customers like Auth0, O’Reilly Media, BBC, and Zenefits iterate faster with less manual work.

We’re open source veterans who believe that important innovations start with open source. Previously, we helped launch widely-loved Apollo GraphQL, an application data layer adopted by the biggest tech companies on the planet including GitHub and Airbnb.

‍Before that, we were core engineers of Meteor, the first full-stack JavaScript framework. While there we pioneered ubiquitous innovations in the JavaScript ecosystem like hot module reloading, declarative view layers, and optimistic UI.

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Health benefits for you and yours.

Learning and development budget

Annual learning and development stipend to grow your skills.

Coworking travel stipend

Visit your teammates in Melbourne, Brooklyn, Taipei, and more.

Annual retreats

We fly the team to destinations like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam to get face time with each other.

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