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Catylist began in 2001 when Ronald D. Marten, CCIM partnered with a couple of young software developers to build a commercial real estate search engine for the CCIM Institute. Soon after, we were joined by Richard Maxson, former Managing Director of Commercial Services at the National Association of REALTORS®, and launched our first local market platform in 2002. Before long, Catylist grew to be the #1 provider of commercial listing service technology to REALTOR® associations across the country.

Later, we were joined by Allen Benson and Steve Golin, who helped round out our management team of industry veterans and laid the foundation for Catylist Research, which has enabled us to expand our footprint to over local platforms covering over 50 markets across the United States and Canada.

Catylist’s mission puts commercial professionals first. We understand that in the world of commercial real estate, every market is different, and we believe that a national network of locally controlled systems is a superior model to one-size-fits-all national services.

Our technology helps local commercial real estate communities organize themselves and share information vital to doing business. Our platform was built from the ground up with the flexibility of operating as a Commercial MLS, a broker-loaded Commercial Information Exchange (CIE), or as a fully-researched, property-centric database. We believe that it's vital that members maintain ownership of their data, and always remain in control of how and when it is shared with others, and we understand the value of fostering relationships between local and regional entities like associations, economic development groups, and other organizations.

Learn about the technology and tools that Catylist uses.

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Catylist's tech stack

Freshbooks, BrowserStack, GitLab, Amazon CloudFront, and PostGIS are some of the popular tools that Catylist uses. Learn more about the Back Office, Development, Assets and Media, and Data Stores in Catylist's Tech Stack.


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