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About us

Remote working developers using latest tech.

We offer complex support for your projects whenever they have anything to do with front-end back-end, web development and/or applications. We work as independent, self-sufficient team, but also often cooperate with customers developers. We are capable of going far beyond single apps.

With us, you can build whole solutions and architecture for your company to work on. Aurity can solve the most complex problems and drive your business forward. We are proud of working with many Startups and big companies and giving them fully scalable, maintainable and effective solutions that can be developed further for years to come.

About Us

Aurity is a Tech Accelerator that empowers everyone with digital products driving a positive change by connecting excellent developers with great companies, and by mentoring, using the latest technology, best practices, and automated infrastructure.

We empower.
We strive to empower others in everything we create. We adopt advanced frameworks that enable people to build and create things they are passionate about. We cultivate an environment where team members can work flexibly and remote, helping them achieve their personal goals and life balance.

We innovate.
Innovation is key in everything we do. We train our people to think differently and look at problem solving from a fresh perspective. We use advanced technology to create and share new ideas, while always adding value to every project.

We are a team.
We are passionate about giving back and building a supportive community of developers. Each member of our community has access to our team, resources, training and development. We engage our community to work on projects that inspire them and encourage them to share new learnings.

We are experts.
Our expertise lies in building flexible teams that can develop and harness cutting-edge technology. We use advanced frameworks to deliver the highest quality apps, quickly and efficiently.

We are disruptors.
We move in on every project with passion, inspiration and speed, challenging the status quo. Our goal is to energize people to create the best results, often redefining the traditional ways that companies work.

We are honest.
We believe in complete transparency with both our clients and our team members. Honesty and trust are essential elements in what we do, which is why we share all of our knowledge openly.

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