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Full-Stack Software Engineer

1build (YC W'20) is building the future of construction.




1build (YC W'20) is building the future of construction. We like to think of buildings as applications. We see the process of turning blueprints into buildings as an algorithm. It's an algorithm we seek to optimize. We're ambitious and relentlessly driven, yet humble and collaborative. You'll join 1build in our first stage of development, in which we build an application to improve the process of converting blueprints into shopping lists and cost estimates. It's a process that's critical yet currently cumbersome for 3.2 million builders in the US alone.

Investors love us. We're backed by top VC firms including Y Combinator, Initialized, Sequoia, and MetaProp. Our core team has experience at Apple, WeWork, Tesla, CloudKitchens, and Hipmunk, with academic backgrounds from Harvard and Princeton. You'll join a culture of excellence at 1build.

You should come interview with us if:

  • You constantly seek to learn and improve yourself.
  • You're passionate about tech, and opinionated about what makes it good.
  • You excel at communicating via written language, both in code and in English.
  • You know how the web works.
  • You naturally contribute to a culture of excellence.
  • You write code for fun.
  • You're a deep thinker.
  • You know how to build web applications.
  • Your work ethic drives you to aggressive productivity with high standards.
  • You like to draw boxes and arrows on whiteboards.

Our primary tech stack:

  • GraphQL
  • Postgres
  • Python
  • React
  • TypeScript

Why join us:

  • Attractive compensation package with early employee equity
  • Upward career mobility as an early engineer at a well-funded, high-growth YC startup
  • Fully covered health insurance
  • Nutrition, personal training, and other subsidized wellness options
  • Ability to make an enormous impact as an early engineer

About this role

December 10th, 2021

October 21st, 2020

Full Time

-10.00 -10.00
-9.50 -9.50
-9.00 -9.00
-8.00 -8.00
-7.00 -7.00
-6.00 -6.00
-5.00 -5.00
-4.00 -4.00
-3.50 -3.50
-3.00 -3.00
-2.00 -2.00
14.00 14.00

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About 1build

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1build uses machine intelligence to convert building blueprints into material shopping lists and cost estimates. It is a critical pain point for 3.2 mln builders in the US. 

We are on a mission to create a data-driven approach for humans and algorithms to collaborate on building design and construction.

We were founded by top leaders hailing from technology and AEC industries who are passionate about re-imagining preconstruction from first principles.

Tech stack

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