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February 2022 Monthly Update

Learn about the features we shipped in February 2022, as well as our traffic, revenue, and other important metrics.

Abi Tyas TunggalAT

Abi Tyas Tunggal

February 2022 Monthly Update

Here's what February at Himalayas looked like at a high-level:

  • 🚦 Traffic: 18,547 users (up 1.2% MoM)
  • 🌱 Organic traffic: 10,141 users (up 38.9% MoM)
  • 📝 Job applications started: 2,246 (down 3.6% MoM)
  • 💸 Revenue: $518.86 (up 52.5% MoM)

If you're unaware, Himalayas is a three-person bootstrapped team (Jack, Jordan, and Abi) building a remote job board.

We're pleased with February's progress. It was a shorter month, but we grew and pushed significant improvements to Himalayas Recruit and our user-generated content (UGC) flywheel. We also continued work on our editorial-driven flywheel.

Improving Himalayas Recruit to drive UGC

We invested a significant portion of January into improving Himalayas Recruit. It's now a cleaner, faster, and more intuitive experience.

Himalayas Recruit is a product suite that makes it easy to showcase your company and hire remote employees.

Our remote company profiles have everything you need to sell your company to candidates. They're your space to tell your story and share information about your product and services, team, tech stack, and employee benefits. Job seekers use these profiles to research and discover new remote companies.

You can set up your company profile in less than 10 minutes for free.

Here's how we improved Himalayas Recruit in January:

  • Added progress indicator: Shows the steps you need to complete your company profile.
  • Improved job posting experience: Updated job posting form and added intelligent suggestions for job categories and skills based on the job description. Jobs can now be saved as drafts to share with your team for review.
  • Enhanced company profile management: Updated company overview, tech stack, and benefits pages to improve usability and added intelligent suggestions for markets.

These improvements to Himalayas Recruit are vital because they improve the user experience for hiring managers, who are now more likely to complete their company profiles and post jobs.

More complete company profiles and jobs improve the job seeker experience, attracting more job seekers and leading to more applications, which again means more complete company profiles and jobs, and the cycle repeats itself.

Every time a company posts a job or completes a section of their company profile, it creates a public-facing page that new users can find. Most of these users become content consumers who apply for jobs or read company profiles. Still, a small percentage become content creators (e.g., they'll post a job, create a company profile, or add to an existing profile), which again makes the flywheel spin faster and attracts more users.

Accelerating our editorial-driven flywheel

As we wrote about in January, the blog is starting to show signs of life in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and momentum only accelerated in February.

We closed the month with 7,415 organic visitors to the blog, increasing 64.9% MoM.

Growth in traffic and revenue is rarely parallel unless you monetize with ads, which we don't. While we can't rely solely on pageviews to pay the bills, our content has focused on active job seekers, which should increase job applications as content ranks over the next three to six months.

By helping people prepare for their interviews, we earn their attention when they're actively looking for jobs and, therefore, most likely to apply through Himalayas. If we drive more applications, we become a more attractive place to post jobs, which increases revenue.

In February, we published 33,362 words across new 17 posts:

We also expanded and improved nine posts:

Other fixes and improvements

  • Masked application links to prevent scraping
  • Improved design of toast notifications
  • Added support for Google for Jobs indexing
  • Fixed issue causing salary filter to not work consistently with non-dollar currencies
  • Made modal transitions more consistent
  • Navigation no longer stutters on fade out in Chrome-based browsers
  • Improved heading hierarchy on the blog
  • Switched to US date format

Find your next remote job or hire your next remote employee on Himalayas

Himalayas is the best place to find remote jobs and hire remote employees. We're focused on providing a job search and hiring experience with great UX focused on speed and efficiency.

If you're a job seeker: Apply privately to thousands of remote jobs and discover 1,600+ remote companies. We make it easy to filter by time zone, visa restrictions, and roles so you can easily find remote companies that want to hire you based on where you live and your desired position.

If you're a remote company: Create a free company profile. Tell your story, build up your remote brand, and recruit the best. Share your culture, tech stack, and get seen by remote candidates looking to make a move. Then post a job and use our sophisticated job listings to specify time zone or visa requirements, and rest easy knowing that qualified candidates will see your job listings.

We'd also love for you to join our free remote work community.

– Himalayas founders: Jack, Jordan, Abi

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