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Raul Landa


I am a data scientist that helps make large distributed systems more resilient and self-optimizing.

United Kingdom

What I'm looking for

I am looking to solve difficult, interesting problems that make a difference. I write and ship production quality code, and I want this code to implement innovative algorithms with sound mathematical foundations. I want to make large distributed systems more robust and self-managing, better at taking evidence-based autonomous decisions.

My specialty is the application of optimisation to the solution of applied problems. In the past I have done so in the context of network capacity planning and video quality of experience; more recently, in the context of statistical estimation and network traffic engineering. Depending on the problem I sometimes approach data science by formulating an optimisation algorithm in terms of the data and solving it, on other occasions, by simply using libraries as black boxes. I have always practised data science while embedded in software development teams, sharing their methodology and pushing code into production systems. In that sense, it could be equally argued that I am a software engineer with ample specialisms in optimisation and data analysis, or that I am a data scientist with ample experience with designing, building and deploying software into cloud-based production systems. Finally, my experience in academia has helped me to explain complex concepts clearly and succinctly, and to manage long-term projects with uncertain outcomes.


Fastly logoFA

Principal Data Scientist

Apr 2016 - Jan 2023 (6 years 9 months)

In practical terms, my work helped Fastly improve fleet efficiency by co-optimizing infrastructure capacity and service performance. To achieve this I coded machine learning algorithms in Go, Python and jinja-driven multistage SQL pipelines running on Bigquery and orchestrated using dynamically generated DAGs using Google Cloud composer (Airflow). I also focused on demistifying ML within devs.

Sky logoSK

Data Scientist


Feb 2013 - Apr 2016 (3 years 2 months)

My work in Sky revolved around creating reusable components to automate decision making and plan execution for network capacity planning. I created a traffic-matrix forecasting component that fed a what-if network simulator that analysed multiple failure scenarios; the results were used to plan for CDN and peering/transit capacity. I also helped model how video impairments harm user engagement.

University College London logoUL

Research Associate

University College London

Feb 2010 - Mar 2013 (3 years 1 month)

My research encompassed novel Internet protocols and mathematical models, aided by purposefully- built network simulation, measurement and analysis software. I helped tutor MSc and PhD students, define research strategy and delivery of research outcomes, wrote research proposals, and collaborated with industry partners.

TMN Mexico logoTM

Technical Project Leader

TMN Mexico

Feb 2001 - Sep 2005 (4 years 7 months)

My work allowed large telecom companies to better understand their network performance by developing and integrating network failure and performance management software components in Java and Perl.

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